a1-5Typically used as part of a game's name. This indicates someone's interest in doing all the acts from 1 through 5.
a1Act 1. This typically is used in naming public games
andyAndriel. The big baddy at the end of Act 1.
apiiAll phenomena is illusion. Not official Diablo slang, but good to known anyway :-)
BaalBaal. This one tends to keep his full name even in slang.
brbBe right back
cyaSee ya
DDiablo. The big baddy at the end of Act 4.
dropsThe items which drop when a monster dies.
Dur.Duriel. The big baddy at the end of Act 2.
ggGood Gaming
invInvite. Typically used in games to align a party so that each shares in the experience and in the completion of goals. See also PP
kkAnother version of "Okay."
lollaugh out loud
Meph RunsMephisto Runs. The habit of going into games and killing Mephisto over and over again to get drops.
mephMephisto. The big baddy at the end of Act 3.
mfMagic Finding. This is both the % magic finding bestowed by devices and the act of souping up a character with high mf ability to hunt for special items.
npNo Problem
party upA polite demand that you get your act together and join the party.
pkPlayer Killer or Player Killing. This is the weird habit of some players killing other players.
ppParty Please. Asking to be invited into an existing party
q5Quest 5. Each act has 6 quests. On occasions when someone wants to refer to a specific quest they will either use the number or a name related. For example "Bloodraven" will refer to that quest. Or the quest number can be used.
scSmall Charm. When carried in your inventory will bestore attributes and powers, etc.
supWhat's Up
tombsThese are the tombs in the last section of Act 2. This is usually used in reference to "tomb" runs. A good place to level up to either level 24 (or level 20 if you plan to cow).
tpTown portal
travTravincal. This is usually used in reference to "trav" runs.
tristTristram. This is usually used in reference to "trist" runs -- a good place to level up to level 15.
wpWay Point
wtfWhat the F**k? Usually means something happened that is outside the norms. Either someone is misbehaving or something weird has just occurred.
ySome folks think this means "Y"es, some folks think this means "Why". Best to avoid. Use yes or k for yes and use why or ? for huh?