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Rune Words
  If the player puts certain combinations of Runes in the correct order into an item with exactly that number of sockets and of the correct item type, the item's name will change into a "unique" name, displayed in gold, and the item will acquire extra powers, depending on the "rune word" that was used. The benefits of using a Rune Word is that you can make the Rune Word magical bonuses apply to any type of item allowed with the proper number of sockets.

These items can be either pedestrian or extrodinary.

Horadric Cube Recipes
  Many things can be transmogrified in the Horadric Cube. Look here for a list of recipes.

Crafted Items
  Look here for instructions on how to craft items. Crafted items can be made from a gem, a rune, a magical item, a jewel. Some of these items can have amazing attributes.

Unique Items
  Look here for an overview of the items which are available. In some cases it will be instructive to know the requirements for using an item so that later if you should happen to find it you will have the strength and/or dexterity required.