Bardo Safari Secrets

Get The Edge

Here's a step by step CD that will tell you how EJ and Claude perform miraculous feats without cheats, codes or bugs. How you can have an Act 2 Desert Merc with a Level One characters and other mysteries . . . .

Mercs and Money

Here's a great Audio CD with E.J. Gold and Claude Needham, giving the secrets of how to make the best use of your mercenaries and your money in your Diablo 2 Bardo Safari Runs and Rushes.

Magic Find for Fun and Profit Level 1

Here's a great DVD with E.J. Gold and Claude Needham about Preparing to Begin to Get Ready to Start Magic Finding. About the DVD, E.J. said, "Everything you never needed to know about magic find isn'’t contained in this DVD. If you'’ve ever wanted to seriously exercise the discipline, patience, and discernment necessary for serious and effective magic-find you might consider psychiatric treatment, which you will surely need after viewing this DVD. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. But we’'re sure we'’ll be satisfied with your money."