Claude Needham instructing at the bardo training center

Secrets of Diablo 2 Character Builds

Character Classes

Price: $9.95

As you've no doubt noticed, it's really tricky to get a GREAT character build for BARDO SAFARIS. Most builds are for straight gaming, magic find or Player vs Player, but BARDO SAFARI requirements are very, very different.

E.J. Gold and Claude Needham have produced a fantastic new audio CD called Guide to Building a Bardo Safari Character, and you're going to want to have one of these for your BARDO SAFARI library.

There are so many things to learn, and Cookie-Cutter builds are NOT the answer.

Just following a template will give you what everyone else has. What you really want is a way to CUSTOMIZE your character to your own specifications, your uniqueness, and that's what this great Audio CD is all about.

Engineered by Grammy-Award Winner Oz Fritz, this CD is sure to please!