Special Safaris

In addition to the Noob Safaris and Basic Safaris we have an array of special safaris which we run from time to time.

The special safaris are excellent for practicing your basic bardo skills. But, what really makes them special is that certain something which lets us focus on a particular aspect of bardo training.

Every now and then we host special Bardo Safaris. What makes these Bardo Safaris special? Well, that just depends upon the safari.

Sometimes, special characters are used.
Sometimes, special techniques are employed.
Sometimes, the special nature of the safari isn't revealed until after it has begun.
It all depends on the particular safari.

If you are interested in attending a special safari let us know. We can give you details of current special safaris and put you on the notification list for upcoming special safaris.

Past special safarais have included:

Shapeshifter Safari
We ran around as a pack of werewolves. Each member of the party playing a shapeshifting druid.
Naked Brutes
For this safari we each played a barbarian with one special twist -- we did not use armor or weapons.
Bowzon Only
Bowzon player characters and Act 1 mercs make up a health pack of sixteen arrow shooting amazons.
Treasure Hunt
A high-level mule abandoned somewhere in the field, dead and abandoned. The first player which happens to come along will claim the prize mule for his or her very own.
Mercs Only
This was by far one of the most popular special safaris. In this game players did none of the killing. Mercs (short for mercenaries) did all the work. Players simply feed potions to the merc and manuvered them around best they could. We went from Act 1 Normal all the way through Hell killing Baal in Hell mode. Actually we did not kill Baal. The mercs did. We were just along for the ride.

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