Sorceress Builds

Lightning Sorc

The two key skills to a lightning sorc are "Chain Lightning" and "Lightning." The chain lightning is great for groups of monsters. It does less damage per hit, but it does many hits. The lightning is great for single monsters. It does only on hit, but it does more damage. And when fighting a single creature the chain lightning will only hit once. So lightning for head to head battles and chain lightning for groups.

Meteorb Sorc

The combination of orb and meteor is a power duo that will handle most situations. And definitely is a welcome combo when handling the light immune souls.

Enchant Sorc

The Enchant Sorc is a very special build. Its primary use is in helping low level characters get their start in life.

(Group) Sorc

The group sorc has several functions in the game.

  • Crowd control -- this means freezing (slowing down) creatures to help the melee characters.
  • Static Bosses -- when this sorc statics a boss 50% or more of that boss' life will be gone in less than 3 seconds. A major boon to the group.
  • Killing -- this means just that.
  • Tele -- this means zipping around the map using teleport skill to get the group to places faster.