Meteorb Sorc

As the name suggests, this sorc uses Meteor and Orb -- a little fire and ice action.

In this build you will be using two main skills and two secondary skills:

  • Frozen Orb (left mouse button)
  • Meteor (right mouse button)
  • Secondary Fire Ball (left mouse button)
  • Secondary Ice Blast (right mouse button)

If you are dealing with monsters having no immunity use Orb and Meteor.

If you are dealing with fire immune, then use the Orb/Ice Blast combo.

If you are dealing with cold immune, then use the Fire Ball/Meteor combo.

For all all other creatures use the Orb/Meteor combo.

The one exception to the above suggestions is Static. When confronting a single boss (such as Andy, Duriel, Meph, Diablo, or Baal) use static first to bring the boss's life down ultra fast. You need to be close. But, boy o' boy do you do damage.

As far as stat points go for this build. Do not use more than 75 points into Energy. I would actually suggest 50-60 points in Energy. You will need 156 points in strength. However, you can use boots, gloves and other equipment to get the strength up. So don't put more than 120 points into str until you know your equipment bonuses. No points in dexterity. The bulk of the points go into life. Try not to use all your stat points instantly. Don't be afraid to hang on to some points. This way when you need them they will be there.

Max Frozen Orb. The orb has three ways to damage. One is a direct hit by the large orb (sphere of ice), two is ice that spins off the orb while it travels, three is shards of ice that explode when the orb reaches the end of its travel.

This means that if you stand too close to the monsters your orb will pass right through them doing less damage than if you stood back a proper distance. Not too far back, not too close.This build shows 10 points in Cold Mastery. DO NOT RUSH TO PUT THESE POINTS IN. Start with a single point. After your character is wearing its final equipment, then you can add the rest. A spirit shield and spirit sword will give you a minimum of +4 skill points. You can easily get a helm with +1 or +2, an ammy with +2, and perhaps Vipermagi with +1. Thus you could end up with +9 skill points just from equipment.

In this part of the skill tree only put 1 point into Static, and one point into Teleport. You will require one point in the pre-requisit to teleport. But this is all you use in this tab.

In the fire tab of the skill tree, max Meteor, max Fire Mastery, and put as many points into Fire Ball as you can. The screens here represent a character at level 85. As you go up in levels you can add more points.