Enchant Sorc

The Enchant Sorc is a very special build. Its primary use is in helping low level characters get their start in life.

An Enchant Sorc can use a spell (called Enchant) that will imbue any character in the game with 1000 or more points of fire damage on top of whatever damage they can already inflict. This means that a level one character that can do 2-4 points of damage with their baby dagger can through the blessing of the Enchant skill do 1002-1004 points of damage. You can imagine what this will do to a party working their way through the beginning acts in Normal mode.

The Enchant skill has a synergy with Warmth. Hence, adding points to warmth will increase the damage conveyed when the Enchant skill is used to boost a character.

As soon as you decide to create an Enchant sorc you have guaranteed the character can not solo in Hell mode. After putting the 40 skill points into Enchant and Warmth there are not enough points to develop any other Hell capable killing skill. This is a special use, service character. It is built to help other characters get through the beginning of the game.

So why not have some fun with the remaining points? To this end, I generally create what could be called a melee sorc. A very stupid thing to do -- but it can be fun.

By putting 20 points into Frozen Armor, the total defense of the sorc is increased 100% or more.

These lightning skills are used to give the sorc the power to teleport and also taps into the Energy Shield's ability to convert damage that would normally go against health into mana decrease. Your 20 points of Warmth means that mana will recover constantly, not instantly, but constantly. So with an Energy Shield the sorc will have basically twice the life. This is a good thing with a melee sorc since you won't be standing back watching the action -- you'll be right in the midst of it.