Kick Assassin

The Kick Assassin kicks ass. She does this with a combination of "Dragon Talon", "Venom", and crushing blow. The "Dragon Talon" comes from the Martial Arts tab. The Venom comes from the Shadow Disciplines tab. The crushing blow comes from equipment.

Dragon Claw (upper right of Martial Arts Tab) is maxed. This is your main skill. You will do a lot of kicking.

You will notice that there is also 1 point in Dragon Flight. This is not used as a finishing move -- you do not need finishing moves with this build. The Dragon Flight is just used to teleport around a little.

Venom and Shadow Master are both maxed. The venom gives your kicks extra punch. Shadow Master is maxed because of two reasons: 1) You have a ton of extra skills points with this build and you need to put them somewhere, 2) when you are using Blade Fury you will need the SM to keep the hords at bey.

You will notice one point in each of the skills. This is just for occasional fun.

In traps I've put 1 point in Blade Fury and 1 point in Blade Shield. The Blade Shield can deliver high damage. However, extra points don't help. And the extra points raise the mana cost.

You will notice I have also put points into Death Sentry. This is for help on those huge crowds.

In a kick assassin the damage comes from three places -- Venom, the boots, the rest of the equipment.

The best boots in my opinion are the Shadow Dancer Myrmidon Greaves. The damage is high and there is -20% to requirements. Even so you need a hefty 167 points in str. See my stats below.

This helm is very nice. Mostly for the 35% Crushing Blow. The Deadly Strike strength (15) and 30% faster hit recovery are good too. But I use it mostly for the crushing blow.

These gloves were crafted. The attributes will vary. But you always get a little to crushing blow. Which is nice. Another very nice choice for gloves would be Tran-Oul's Claws. These will give 25% increase in Poison.

These stats are designed for use with my equipment. The target str is 167 for the boots and 136 dex for Last Wish Phase Blade. Please don't feel you need to use a Last Wish Phase Blade. The Berserker Axe is just a powerful and it has only a 59 dex requirement. The extra speed from the Phase Blade was fun for an experiment. But was not worth the loss of points that could have gone into Vitality.

Some final thoughts.

1) This build is not skill point dependent. Charms and Torch don't help that much. They will raise the damage a bit -- but nothing like the dramatic effect in a Hammerdin. So don't worry about +skill equipment.

2) Don't use a Torch with this build. In my experience (in group or public games) the Firestorm (on striking) will cause the server to crash a lot. That is my experience. So in our Safari games we request no torch.

The actual equipment used can vary a lot. Everyone will have his or her or its preference. Feel free to experiment.