Group Assassin (Modified)

This modified form of the group assassin is primarily a lightning traps assassin using lightning and death sentry to deliver lightning damage and physical damage. A not half bad replacement for the Lightning Sorc. The modification is the use of Fire Blast. Even without +skill from equipment this build has a hefty 554-736 points of fire damage. Very nice when confronting lightning immunes.

(Note: you will notice a complete lack of points assigned to Martial Arts tab. That is deliberate. Don't assign any skills to Martial Arts.)

With the addition of skill points from equipment and skiller charms, the damage done by this character can go up and up. Add to this the effect of the necro's Lower Resist and the pally's Conviction the traps will deliver devasting damage.

Keep in mind that the damage from Death Sentry will be 40-80 percent of the corpse life. That means the explosion of two to three corpses will kill any similar creature within range. And with the Death Sentry maxed out that range is significant.

You will notice 6 unassigned skill points. This is at level 85. At this point one could invest in Shadow Master, a bit more fade, or perhaps a few more points in the lightning traps line. This is for you to determine.