Group Sorc

The group sorc has several functions in the game.

  • Crowd control -- this means freezing (slowing down) creatures to help the melee characters.
  • Static Bosses -- when this sorc statics a boss 50% or more of that boss' life will be gone in less than 3 seconds. A major boon to the group.
  • Killing -- this means just that.
  • Tele -- this means zipping around the map using teleport skill to get the group to places faster.

Several of the above talents/jobs/responsibilities of the group sorc mean the sorc will be in harms way. This is a sacrifice the group sorc makes to help the group. When killing Baal the sorc will need to belly up to Baal and static as fast as possible before croaking. That is the sorc's job. A similiar problem occurs with tele. When you tele around (esp. in Hell Baal runs) you are likely to die one out of four times (if you are lucky). That is the job of the sorc. Fortunately, we have a group barb on the payroll who's main job is to use Command, Orders, and Shout to double or triple the sorcs chance of success.

This particular build is designed based on a level 94 hardcore character. That means it works -- and has worked in the most unforgiving environment possible. In case you don't know, if your character dies in hardcore it is gone. So a level 94 cold sorc in hardcore is a pretty good testiment to its abilities.

This sorc uses Glacial Spike (or Ice Blast) as the left mouse button skill and Blizzard as the right mouse button skill -- not unlike the elemental druid's tornado/hurricane combo or the bowzon's guided/multi arrow combo. The choice of Glacial Spike vs. Ice Blast is one of preference and situation.

When you add the bonuses from equipment the damage levels of these two skills becomes something amazing.

WARNING: There is a variable here. In this build we have put 10 points into cold mastery. That is so that with +skill points from equipment you can get to a decent level in cold mastery. You may want to put fewer points in ice bolt and more points in cold mastery. This is left as an experiment and/or research project. Let us know what you find and we will update this page.

By the way, with a necro putting Lower Resist curses out combined with the Healer's Conviction aura this sorc will be facing very few immunes. It should be a total killer.

There are three key skills on this tab: Teleport, Energy Shield, and Static.

The investment of 4 points to get the prerequisites and Energy Shield are well worth it. This single point in Energy Shield combined with the +skills from equipment will lower the damage to the sorc by a large percentage.

You will note that we have put five points into Static not just one. The reasons for this is to give the sorc a little more range with its Static skill -- thus improving the chances of survival.

The only skill to be used on this tab is Warmth. This is another of those one point wonders. With +skills from equipment the sorc gains a huge regeneration.