Group Druid Character Builds

A Group Druid is a Shapeshifter. This druid specializes in the shapeshifting skills. It will bring its ability to tank along with the Heart of Wolverine to increase the damage of all in the party.

This shapeshifter is a werewolf type. It is also possible to concentrate on becoming a werebear. Never played one that I liked. If someone has a good build formula send it in and we'll try it. Meanwhile here is our basic werewolf build.

The two main skills are Lycanthropy and Werewolf. This gives you extra life, extra attack rating and extra attack speed. The other skill (the bottom left) is Fury. Fury will increase the number of times a werewolf will hit per turn and it will increase the damage done -- before equipment bonuses it will increase damage 400%. Not bad.

The only skill we use from the Elemental tab is Cyclone Armor. This will absorb damage from cold, fire, and lightning.

From this screen we will use the Oak Sage and Bear. The Oak Sage will dramatically increase your life and survival. The Bear will act as a distraction to enemies and a shield. In addition the Bear can deliver some decent damage.

You will notice 27 unassigned skill points. These can be distributed between Cyclone Shield, Bear, and Oak Sage as per your inclination. There is no single answer on which is best. Beefing up your defenses or making a bear or oak sage that can survive longer to do its job. These points can be added bit by bit to experimentally determine best option. If your bear is staying alive maybe you don't need more points in the bears, etc.