Group Zealot Pally Build

A Group Pally will add tanking and a great aura to the party. The Fanaticism aura will increase the damage of the Necro's skellies, the Shapeshifter's Bear, all mercs, and all players. It is a fine thing.

Fanaticism aura will increase your attack speed, rating and damage. This is good. And, it will also increase the "hit" damage of any character in your party. This can be very nice for bowzons and barbarians.

Zeal is main hitting skill. Fanaticism is main aura. That is the combination you will use most all the time.

With 1 point in smite and 20 points in Holy Shield, this char makes a fine smiter too -- especially if you have some crushing blow from your equipment.

As you may notice on the right, we have put 1 point into Vengenance. This skill is excellent for dealing with physical immune monsters. A few hits with Vengeance and Fanaticism and a physical immune is deadski. However, because of the five times greater mana/life steal of Zeal, we only put 1 point in Vengeance and us it rarely.

It is handy to put a point into redemption -- since this will clear the floor of those pesky resurrecting creatures. Soak up the bodies and they can't be brought back to life to battle you further.

It is also handy to put a point into salvation. This will give good resist to other characters such as sorcs. This can be handy when participating in Baal runs. Typically a hammerdin or high level sorc does the bulk of the killing while your character is in the 30 to 75 range. During this period you can run the Salvation and give excellent resist to everyone in your party. A definite contribution.

Here we only put in enough points to get to Fanaticism then max it out.

Alternate Build

In this build, one point is put into conviction. This comes at a small price. But Conviction can be an interesting aura. Conviction will lower defense and resistance of creatures. Keep in mind you can only use one aura at a time on a paladin. This means that to use Conviction Fanaticism is turned off. This will cost all of that wonderful enhanced damage and speed. However, there are occasions when Conviction and Vengeance kill significantly faster than Vengeance and Fanaticism.

Because Sacrifice is a synergy to Zeal, you end up with this wonderful special use skill. Try it out on occasion. You'll find it has some special applications.