Elemental Druid

The Elemental Druid is probably the second most powerful and balanced character build in the game. An Elemental Druid will use the Hurricane skill along with Tornado to do massive amounts of cold and physical damage.

There are several skills in the elemental tab which are synergistic with each other. In this build we pump each of the key synergies to the max of 20. This will increase when skill points from equipment are added -- yielding even higher damage.

You will notice Twister has only 15 points at level 85. This is the last of the skills to be maxed. We have sacrifices some damage by moving skill points from Twister to Oak Sage. The benefit to the party of Oak Sage is well worth the reduction in damage.

No, none, zero, zip, zilch points are assigned in the shapeshifting tab. Do not use points for "in the beginning." When creating a build stick to the build. If you think assigning a point to shape shifting is a solution for something, go back to the blackboard and look for a different solution -- one that does not waste skill points.

In this build there is no such thing as "extra" skill points. As the character goes up in levels past level 85, put the skill points in Oak Sage and Twister alternately.