Hit Power Bowzon

This is the preferred build for your basic bowzon. It is strong and fairly straightforward to play. If you are building your first bowzon this is by far the best choice.

This build relies upon excellent equipment. If you have access to amazing equipment, rings, amulets and other wonderful things, you can really spiff this build up.

The basic idea is deliver lots of arrows with 100% chance of hitting, then use side-effects from rings, amulets and equipment to spawn tornados, lightning, cold and other skills upon striking.

Guided Arrow is maxed. Strafe is maxed. Multi-arrow is raised to about level 14. This means that with skill bonuses from equipment you will end up with about 20 in multi-arrow. This is plenty for that skill.

We put no points toward cold or file skills. Instead we rely upon rings and amulets that spawn tornados and lightning and other skills based on striking.

It is better if the skills spawn based on striking rather than being struck. As a bowzon the plan is to do a bunch of striking while being struck almost none at all.

In the "Hit Power" bowzon we have a few extra skill point that can be devoted to Penetrate (attack rating) and Valkryie.

Because the bowzon counts on "striking" in order to produce effects you want to strike. Hence, putting points into raising the "attack rating."

Also, a strong Valkyrie is most valuable in the game. She can take hits, do damage, and generally increase your chances for survival.

Least you forget, just because the other skills have only a single skill point does not mean the bowzon will be operating at that level. Equipment will raise these by 4 to 7 skill points.