Barbarian Builds

Standard Barb

This build is called the "Standard Barb." Actually there is no such thing. The barbarian is one of the more difficult builds to create since there are so many different options and ways to go. We submit this design as a simple option for someone that is looking to build a barbarian to help the party.

Singing Barb

The singing barb is can be an excellent build. With the right equipment it can become a virtual tank and a killing machine. If you have access to amazing equipment, rings, amulets and other wonderful things, you can really spiff this build up. However, even naked this barb is a real dynamo.

Dashing Barb

The dashing barb is designed for fun -- out and out freakish fun. With the right equipment it can also become a total tank and a killing machine -- that is if you can stop laughing long enough to play.

(Group) Frenzy Barb

The primary job of a group barbarian is to keep the life, mana, skills, and defense of the group enhanced. Any damage the group barb does to the monsters is a pure bonus. Fortunately with the added effect of mercs, spirits, and Fanaticism aura this barb will do some very significant damage.