Standard Barb

This build is called the "Standard Barb." Actually there is no such thing. The barbarian is one of the more difficult builds to create since there are so many different options and ways to go. We submit this design as a simple option for someone that is looking to build a barbarian to help the party.

This is the War Cries panel. You will notice that Shout and Battle Orders are both maxed out. This barb has the ability to dramatically increase the defense, life, and mana of every member in the party.

When a barb does shout it is like taking off your 600 defense armor and replacing it with armor that has 2000 defense. Massive improvement in your defense. And in terms of life, Battle Orders will double your life and mana. This means that if it normally takes a monster 3 hits to kill you then after Battle Orders it will take that same monster 6 hits to kill you. You basically double your chances of survival.

Good work Barb!

The standard barb has two basic weapon skills: 1) Double Swing, 2) Concentration.

Double Swing obviously requires two weapons. You can attack two enemies at once, and you do double damage (at least). A very handy skill. Increases your life steal and damage.

Concentration is a single weapon skill. This allows you to carry a shield. Normally a barb such as this will have two weapon sets. One with two weapons setup for Double Swing. The other with a single weapon and shield setup for Concentration. Concentration will do 400% extra damage, AND it will temporarily increase your defense by double. Add in your Shout, Iron Skin, and Concentration and you have massive defense. This won't help against magic, but against physical attacks you should be pretty much un-hittable.

Here we put one point into the usual suspects.