Dashing Barb

The dashing barb is designed for fun -- out and out freakish fun. With the right equipment it can also become a total tank and a killing machine -- that is if you can stop laughing long enough to play.

On the panel to the right you can see the first and strangest element to a dashing barb -- we max out increased speed. This will give the barb a base increased speed of 43% before equipment.

The second key element to the dashing barb is maxing out Frenzy. Frenzy has the effect of speeding up your barb as a result of hitting monsters. The more monsters you hit the faster you go -- up to a maximum of 171% (before equipment). This is on top of the natural speed from the "Increased Speed" combat mastery.

Double swing is also maxed out because it is a synergy with Frenzy -- adding 8% damage per level of double swing. Normally one might max out Taunt since this is also a synergy with Frenzy. However, in the case of a dashing barb, those points are used up in maxing out "Increased Speed".

On the War Cries tab there are two basic options. One is to max out Battle Orders, the other is to max out Shout. One gives increased life and mana. The other gives increased defense. Since the dashing barb is designed to be played with other dashing barbs we suggest half the group pick one to max out and half the group pick the other to max out. If you must pick just one to max out, Battle Orders would be my pick. But in a group, you definitely want someone to max out Shout since this will give an incredible 300% defense boost.

Naturally you will want to make sure the one that has maxed out Shout is the one that does that yell, and the one that maxed out Battle Orders is the one to do that yell.