Assassin Builds

Click here for group assassin

Click here for Kick Assassin

Each of the assassin builds should have the same or similar distribution of point in the Shadow Skills.

In this case, there has been one point assigned to each skill except for Mind Blast and Venom. The Mind Blast can be useful, but it can also be a pain, since it causes monsters to turn and become involunerable until they turn back. This helps when solo, but interfers in group. Since we are doing mostly group games we have opted to not use this skill. As you can see there are points remaining that can be assigned to Mind Blast as you wish.

Standard Martial Arts assassin. This can be a very powerful, but extremely difficult character to play.

Standard Traps Assassin. This is lightning damage. With the addition of skill points from equipment and skiller charms, the damage done by this character can go up and up.

Alternate Traps Assassin. This is fire damage.