Diablo Character Builds

In Diablo one has many choices of character to use, and each character has many different ways in which it can be built. This section will give an overview of character builds we have found useful in bardo safaris.

When creating a character build there are many considerations to balance. Since most, if not all, of our play is in the form of group gaming, we use builds which enhance the service of the character to the group.

Group Builds

Group builds are used when working in advanced group play. The builds are balanced to match strengths and weaknesses. These builds may have issues which make them unsuitable for solo play. They are for group work.

Solo Builds

These builds are designed for characters used in games outside the standard safari setting.

Disclaimer: The solutions presented here are just that solutions. They are not "THE" solution. They are not the "ONLY" solutions. They are solutions. Use them as guidelines. We have found them useful.