Basic Safaris

In Diablo we have "Basic" Safaris extending from the beginning of normal all the way through Key Hunts and Uber-Tris in hell.

Not to worry, these start out as a simple extension of the Noob Safaris and gradually build through the various levels.

As you play through, you will be exposed to the various skills required to handle the ever more demanding aspects of the game.

While the tricks of Diablo, such as optimizing your character build, might seem important when you are facing down the minions of Baal, don't forget all of this is just a backdrop for the development of the truly important bardo skills first presented in Noob Safaris. Diablo Basic Safaris can be an excellent way to continue your bardo training. Keep in mind you will need to take the Bardo Basics Course and work your way through Noob Safaris until you learn the basic ropes. Then you may sign up for one of our many Basic Safaris.

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