Diablo Safaris

These safaris work with the game Diablo -- Lord of Destruction produced by Blizzard Entertainment. This online environment is excellent for working with beginning and intermediate bardo groups.

Noob Safaris

The Noob Safaris are designed to be an easy introduction into the online world of bardo training.

Basic Safaris

In Diablo we have "Basic" Safaris extending from the beginning of normal all the way through Key Hunts and Uber-Tris in hell. As you play through, you will be exposed to the various skills required to handle the ever more demanding aspects of the game.

Special Safaris

The special safaris are excellent for practicing your basic bardo skills. But, what really makes them special is that certain something which lets us focus on a particular aspect of bardo training.

Pro Hell Games

This is a very special type of safari. To even be elegible to participate in this safari a player must have advanced into hell levels as part of the basic safaris. Once the fundamentals are well in hand, then a player can join in a Pro Hell Game Safari.

Builds (Character)

In Diablo one has many choices of character to use, and each character has many different ways in which it can be built. This section will give an overview of character builds we have found useful in bardo safaris.