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Bardo Safaris

E.J. Gold says that BARDO TRAINING is the most important work he has to do here -- to impart the ability to develop bardo habits that work, that are built in while you still have the ability to build them in, so that the "habits that carry you through" are good ones . . . .

E.J. Gold has used, with great success, many different video game formats for online bardo training. This means that you can get the bardo training you need without uprooting yourself and moving off to some far away ashram in Tibet or ???

Diablo Study Materials

Look here for a wealth in CD and DVD talks on the subject of Bardo Safaris using the game Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction.

Diablo How-Tos

In this section you'll find various tutorials, how to's, articles and links related to various aspects of bardo gaming.

Gaming Announcement

Gamexx is happy to announce the release of UrthGame's Prosperity Path Games.

These games are built using cutting edge opengl 3d technology -- similar to that you'd find in any modern 3d shooter.

Some folks have referred to these games as casual gaming gone wild. That's not quite right. It is true that Prosperity Path games have simple rules and don't require a large time commitment or special skills to play -- thus making them easy to access and play by even the newest players.

However, Prosperity Path gaming orbs fall more into the genre of Serious Gaming.

Serious games are described as "intended to educate or train the player. These games tend to promote 'education, science, social change, or even health care.' Some of these games have no specific ending or goal in the game. Rather, the player learns a real life lesson from the game."

The above definition for Serious games definitely fits the Prosperity Path Gaming Orbs. The orbs are intended to educate (check), train (check), promote social change (check), and even address wellness issues (double-check). If not for the unfortunately choice of the word 'serious', it would be easy to label the Prosperity Path games as Serious Games. But, given the fun, mirth, and high quantities of levity the word serious seems a little out of place. Let us know if you find a better word than 'serious'.